Many times, we are sure we need a change but don’t know how to go about it. Practical marketing expert and author of ‘’putting your business on the road to success’’, Stacy karacostas, suggests what to do in this racy piece. Happy reading. Is temporary insanity keeping you from grooming your small business? Most people are afraid to change how they are comfortable with the way things are and don’t believed change will help their business grow. But successful peoples recognized when things aren’t working and aren’t afraid to make changes. Successful peoples, and business, recognize the need for change early. They embrace it. And they go looking for it. Because of this, they are also usually quick to see when something is not working and not afraid to change it.

You know the definition of insanity, right? Not the waster’s version, but the other one? The one that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different result. I’d always through this saying been mostly funny, and just a little bit true. But now I suspect that –based on this definition most folks really are at least a little bit insane (myself included). And small business owners tend to suffer from this kind of insanity even more than most. Let me give you an example. I was working with a client recently about his business and creating a marketing plan based on his needs. I even incorporated a number of ideas he was already planning to put into action. Then I mentioned that he really needed to define a strong unique selling proposition (you know, something special that all other things begin equal would make me choose to do business here instead of with the guy down the street). Now, made you, I wasn’t suggesting he change the way he does business. Just that he needed to better highlight the quality and services that made him different from his competition.

Simply not comfortable with change. But if he keeps doing the same thing, we all know what will happen. He; ii keep getting the same poor result. If he wants to be more successful he has to let go of this insane way of operating and stop doing things the same for no other than that is how he has always done it. After all, the one thing you can always count on is change. That leaves you two choices let change happen to you or makes happen.

The first is how most people operate. They won’t change anything until and unless they feel forced to. Now sometimes, you can’t help it. Something happens –new competition, legal restrictions, patent infringement the list is endless. But even when the catalyst for change is outside your control, you still get to decide how to deal with it. Do you avoid the inevitable as long as possible hoping a way out will miraculously appear? Or do you make a plan and take action as quickly as possible? Successful people, and business, recognize the need for change early.
They embrace it. And looking for it .because of this, they are also usually quick to see when something is not working and not afraid to change it. Bad employees are let go, products or marketing campaigns that are not performing are change improved or replaced .life goes on. And almost always, they end up better for it in the long run. Now I’m not saying you need to go crazy with making change either (though sometimes a bit of a business entomic is perfectly in order). But you do need to be open to it , prepared for it, and always on the lookout for ways you can change for the better.

How do you know when you need to make a change?
• If I have a number of months of data showing me that I am not on track to reach my goals, I know something needs to changes.
• If find myself complaining about the same problem three or more times I know it is time to make a changes.
• If I am presented with a better idea or system for my business, I always at least consider making the change.

If you’re really uncomfortable with change or have a hard time letting go of things or ideas, start small.
Drive a different way to work try a new restaurant order something other than the usual at your wear a new color know it, your business and your life will be growing and changing for the better!

4 Things Exceptionally Successful people do Everyday

Anything worth doing takes a longer time to mature than mediocre or regular activities. This long wait discourages the larger part of the population, leaving the remaining few who follow-through on their goals, to eventually become exceptionally successful people.

Real success doesn’t happen on the first day of trial. It occurs as a result of multiple activities executed daily, with great dedication, perseverance  and a strong vision to keep your strategies and efforts on track. These activities are missed out by the populace, largely because of their lackadaisical attitude towards the supposed “impossibility”.

If you’re thinking of changing your existing attitude towards many things and subsequently your life, here are 4 things exceptionally successful people do everyday:

1). They Plan Every Passing Day To Be Highly Productive:

Almost everyday before going to bed, exceptionally successful people have the next day planned. Planning ahead prepares you for the tasks at hand. It helps you stay organized and on track with everything you set out to do.
By planning, you control what comes next, unlike hoping, which places the realities out of your control. Hope is not strategy, and exceptionally successful people know this. In a bid to always control how their next day will go, how to position themselves for newer opportunities, and how people will perceive their every actions, they always stay prepared.
2). They Surround Themselves With Smart People:

“Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”. While this phrase only mostly holds true, it upholds the true tenets of associations.

Smart people mostly talk about highly intellectual things. They talk about opportunities, the economy, how it affects their businesses, their careers, and how to get out of it. They focus largely on solutions to problems, rather than just problems, in many things they do.
These few attributes smart people exhibit causes them to mostly attract each other. For the larger their numbers together, the greater they can collectively achieve.

Exceptionally success people aren’t just smart, but also understand that your network is your net worth. This knowledge keeps them on the lookout for more people like them to establish strong relationships with. 

3). They Never Stop Learning:

Over 70% of people around the world stop their learning process at the formal education stage. They focus all their knowledge acquisition endeavours on only gaining more and more formal education. While this serves as a great prospect for promotions at their offices and more, it’s not enough for them to become truly successful.

Exceptionally successful people have a larger knowledge base outside of formal education. They study things like social psychology, financial education, how to make & keep the right friends, and listen to mentors & other successful people. Their learning process keeps them ahead of the population, which subsequently keeps the population working for them.

Learning from other successful people is a key attribute of exceptionally successful people, for success breeds success.

4). They Get The Job Done:

Exceptionally successful people create an obsession with many things they do. This causes them to avoid procrastination and stay focused on their goals till they’re done.
Like a wise man would say “Procrastination is an Adversary to success”. It has caused many people to miss out on large opportunities, offers, and in the process, destroyed their reputations. To become exceptionally successful, you must master the art of evading this “thief of time”.

Learn to prioritise your activities. Wake up before the sun rises, make the mornings be for your most important tasks, then the rest of the day should focus on your other tasks. This way, you get closer to your goals with every passing day.
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