Interlocking Paver

We deals in all kinds of interlocking paving stones and kerbs. Beautification of your surroundings attract more customers to your service.


We train people on how to produce interlocks and kerbs and we identify the enterprise in it for them.


Going back to farm should be at the peak of our mind in order to provide food security to the nation. Lets train you on all the Enterprise in agriculture like brooding of guinea fowl, broilers, cockrel, duck etc and the Arable aspect of it are; Cucumber, water melon, carrot, groundnuts, tomatoes, pepper, sweet potato etc.

Enterprise Development

Identifying a product and adding value to the product is what makes it an enterprise. Let me introduce you to one Agric Institute in Nigeria that does all this Enterprise Grooming Institute was established at Ilorin, Kwara state. They deals in all forms of training on Agriculture and value addition to the goods. grooming institute

Latest News

Business Optimisation Strategies

Your business culture or philosophy is the ultimate key to your productivity and success. It will either enable or disable everything else you do. When working with clients we soon discovered that if the culture of an organisation was wrong, the impact of even the best business growth techniques would be severely limited or crippled.

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

As someone diagnosed with ADD who, without medication, has been able to accomplish some truly focus-dependent projects (like writing a 250-page book, for example), here are 10 ways I have found to increase productivity: 1. Prepare before you get started. Productivity doesn’t just happen “in the moment.” It happens long before you even sit down

7 Steps To A Winning Business Proposal

In today’s competitive business environment, your ability to write powerful proposals could mean the life, or death, of your business. When government agencies and large corporations need to buy products or services from an outside source, they often release what is called a Request for Proposal (RFP), a formal document outlining their needs. To bid

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